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The Arts are celebrated all year!

Long Beach Council PTA celebrates

Julian Purcell’s dance entry!


Julian Purcell, 4th grade from Naples Bayside Academy Elementary advanced 3 levels to the CA State PTA.  He was awarded 2nd place (Award of Merit) at the CA State PTA level. Julian will be recognized at each level and especially at our local Long Beach Council Celebration.


Long Beach Council PTA and Naples PTA is proud of

Julian's creative thinking and talent!


Long Beach Council PTA facilitates the National PTA’s flagship art program, Reflections, at our local level.  LBCPTA guides, collaborates with PTA parent volunteers and offers this program to TK-12th grade in 6 possible mediums, Visual Art, Photography, Literature, Music Composition, Film and Dance. Every year is a different theme.

This year's theme is "I Matter Because..." 

Each student writes a statement connecting the theme to their original art medium. During this school year, the pandemic brought new challenges to the facilitators and the students. The students really dug deep and thought outside the box.  While sheltering at home, experiencing virtual classrooms, and having limited exposure, this theme ignited a creative fire in these kids. The middle and high school level students expressed and conveyed their angst and thought provoking statements through their talents. LBCPTA will be virtually celebrating all 90 students who advanced from their school to the council level on Monday April 19th at 7pm.  

Long Beach Council had 400 students from 20 schools participate.


Our Long Beach Community paper, Grunion Gazette, featured 3 of LBUSD students.  


We are proud of our students!

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"Be Yourself”


This is ME, "I matter because I have a voice to talk, I have a family that loves me and teaches me to be whoever I want to be, to be an example and never judge anyone. My parents tell me to follow my passion, my passion is to do artistic roller skating. Mostly girls and women compete in the sport l love, it does not matter if you are a boy or a girl, I am going to follow my passion, I am going to break the stereotypes, as this is me….”  by Julian Purcell


Nava Tate, 6th grade from Hughes Middle School entered in Photography and advanced 2 levels to 33rd District PTA.  

"My Natural Hair is an Exquisite Crown"

I matter because my natural black hair is wavy, kinky and coily. It is my crown and glory that expresses exactly who I am and exactly where I come from. 


Ryann Chalmers, 11th grade from Poly High School entered in Film Production.  Ryann advanced 2 levels to 33rd District PTA. 


"Teen Isolation"

Teen Isolation follows a high schooler who has been dealing with the repeating days of quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic. Incorporating authentic dialogue from real teens about how they feel during this time. This film serves as a window of what many teenagers are going through. Teenagers are finding themselves with feeling of hopelessness and insignificance. But, we must persevere and sacrifice through this time by reminding ourselves that we matter and are necessary to other people's well being. Our close human connections are what will keep us strong and hopeful and take us back to a time of normality.