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The 2023-2024 Reflections theme:


Long Beach Council PTA facilitates the National PTA’s flagship art program, Reflections, at our local level.  LBCPTA guides, collaborates with PTA parent volunteers and offers this program to TK-12th grade in 6 possible mediums, Visual Art, Photography, Literature, Music Composition, Film and Dance. Every year is a different theme.  

Reflections resources can be found here

2022-2023 Reflections artist page


2021-2022 Reflections artist page

2020-2021 Reflections artist page

For any questions, please contact Shannon Hilleshiem at

Deadline for entries to be submitted to Long Beach Council PTA for 2023-2024 is Tuesday, November 14th.

Congratulations Skylar for making it all the way to CAPTA! 

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2022-2023 Featured Artists

Music Entry 

Ajala Sen

Hughes Middle - Grade 8



Voice to Find


Artist Statement

It may be challenging to find a way to express yourself and may take time to open up, but when you do, you find not just your voice but another piece of yourself. My song conveys the idea of understanding who you are and standing up for what you believe in. I play guitar and sing about the struggles and finding one's voice. You may feel alone, but know that you are not. Share your thoughts and ideas with others and you will find people like you and different from you, but most of all, you will find yourself. When you have, know that you have earned all that you have gained from finding your voice.



Amelia Martinez

Los Cerritos Elementary - Grade 5





Artist Statement

My animation is called "Confidence". It relates to the theme because it shows that you shouldn't let people put you down no matter who you are.

2.Amelia.Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 1.15.53 PM.png

Dance Choreography

Angelina Del Gaudio

Millikan High School - Grade 11



Emotions Through Motion


Artist Statement

Sometimes I find myself tripping over sentences in a conversation when I try to express an emotion as simple as gratitude. When verbal communication scares you the same way as standing at the edge of a steep cliff, non-verbal communication through movement can become an alternate outlet for expression. When I dance, movement allows my voice to be amplified as loud as the music I am dancing to. In this piece, I feel as if I am screaming at the top of my lungs “I love you!” to the person who picked me up and saved me.

4.Angelina.Screenshot 2023-04-16 at 10.37.06 AM.png

Visual Art

Evelyn Hernandez Lujan

Millikan High School - Grade 11



Continuity and Consistency Over Time


Artist Statement

My piece is directed towards women's suffrage. It contains symbols from 3 literature pieces: The Scarlet Letter, Invisible Man, "Drinking under the moon she goes laughing", and "The yellow wallpaper". I used a branding iron of the letter A for The Scarlet Letter, a shot of alcohol or "Drinking under the moon she goes laughing, a briefcase with papers flying out of it for Invisible Man and a yellow wallpaper for The Yellow Wallpaper. Each symbol represents how society confines and continues to silence the voices of women.

Evelyn Hernandez Lejan.Poly- Visual Art1024_1.jpg

Visual Art

Liliana Rumion

Minnie Gant - Grade 2



My World of Emotions


Artist Statement

I express my voice through hair, make-up and fashion. I created a 6 look photo collage to express my emotions. I did my own clothes, hair and make-up. SADNESS is expressed by the color blue and my eyes looking down. HAPPINESS is expressed by the color yellow and growing flowers. MYSTERIOUS is expressed by the color black and my disguise gear. I create CALM through my face expression and hand position. ANGER is expressed by the color red and the symbol of fire. INSPIRED is expressed through rainbow colors down my face leading to sparkly ideas in my brain.


Lucia Dorjuan

Fremont Elementary - Grade 4



A Caged Bird Flys


Artist Statement

This photo is about me,when the Covid 19 pandemic happened. I felt like I was in a cage, stuck, and unable to go anywhere, but when I came back to school I felt like I could go places and I felt that I was in my habitat, but I was shy so I wouldn't go and move that much. This for me relates to the bird because I was shy and I would sometimes just stand somewhere but how I am not caged in I can fly wherever I want just like this bird.

Liliana Rumion Gr.2 Photography My World of Emotions.jpg


Matilda Iem

Millikan High School - Grade 12



Oh, The Humanity


Artist Statement 

In this poem, I touch upon the vast prejudices plaguing our society and the often violent results of such normalized views to ultimately ask, “Why?”. My work relates to the theme by showing how these biases deeply affect others’ perception of commonly marginalized groups, generally leading to our voices and values being overlooked. It vocalizes my personal discontent with the matter and the way it often invalidates my own identity and very humanity. My poem questions the irrationality of all this prejudiced aggression towards fellow humans.

4.Matilda.Reflections Poem 22-23 Iem - Matilda Iem (1)1024_1.jpg
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